Lease Listing Services

    D a n a e A b a l l i ‘ s

    L E A S E L I S T I N G

    S E R V I C E

    If you own a home and are considering leasing it out, let me help you. My services include:

    • Analysis of the comparable area leases and price opinion of lease listing price
    • Professional photography, MLS Entry, Flyers, Property Website, and listing syndication to over 400 real estate websites including Zillow, and more
    • Phone Call screening – answering all incoming lease inquiries and showing the property to prospective tenants.
    • Background check, eviction check, income verification
    • Securing the Lease agreement, and all disclosures.
    • Collecting first months rent, and deposit.

    Property management thereafter has to be handled by homeowner, or other property management company.

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