Costa Mesa Real Estate

    Looking to learn more about the neighborhoods of Costa Mesa? These are my words… not Wikipedia or any other source… Hope my description coming from a local helps you. If you have more questions, or want to have a conversation, just reach out anytime and I’m happy to help!

    Costa Mesa is definitely one of top favorite Orange County Cities for a couple main reasons:

    • It’s near the beach which allows us a fun lifestyle and also gives us those coastal breezes making for awesome climate year round.
    • Costa Mesa borders Newport Beach which has always been Orange County’s “center” – Newport Beach is our highest priced real estate in Orange County and there’s a reason for it. Anytime you’re near Newport Beach and can play at Fashion Island, the Newport Beach Harbor for boating, paddle boarding etc. you’re in a great spot. Also a bonus to have John Wayne Airport nearby.
    • Costa Mesa is central and easy to commute to Irvine or Newport Beach which is where most of the jobs are.

    Costa Mesa is generally divided in two main areas: Eastside Costa Mesa and Westside Costa Mesa. The boarder or dividing line is the 55 freeway. Here’s a short description of each of the main neighborhoods in Costa Mesa:

    • Eastside Costa Mesa: People like it because it’s not made of track homes. It’s very eclectic in that you might have a 1950’s built 3 bedroom 1 bath home next to a 5500 sq ft home built in 2018. It’s varied and constantly changing. New builds and remodels are coming in all the time. Eastside Costa Mesa is also the closest to Newport Beach so it has the spill over of the Newport Beach home buyers who move just a hair West to get the better home value. Which also means you can enjoy walking to Newport Beach Back Bay. Eastside Costa Mesa also has shopping & dining on 17th Street which everyone likes to be close to. Lastly, Eastside Costa Mesa is known for their great schools: Harbor High School, Ensign Middle School and 3 elementary schools: Kaiser, Woodland and Mariners.
    • Mesa Verde: Mesa Verde is an area of Westside Costa Mesa and is bordered by Huntington Beach / The Santa Ana River Trail, the 405 freeway, and Adams and Harbor Blvd.  Mesa Verde was developed in the late 1950’s – 1970’s with tract homes. It’s well designed and feels more like a true neighborhood. Mesa Verde is more quiet than Eastside and people like it for affordability (more affordable than Eastside Costa Mesa), and being surrounded by two golf courses, and Fairview Park which is a 40-acre wetland habitat. Mesa Verde schools have two high school zones: Estancia High School, and Costa Mesa High School.
    • College Park and Mesa Del Mar: These two neighborhoods are growing in popularity. We’re seeing younger families come in and do remodels to these 1950’s and 1960’s built homes. These two neighborhoods are both just west of the 55 fwy. Nearby is our community college, Orange Coast College, and the Orange County Fair which has a summer concert series too, and the TeWinkle Park area which has a tennis center, dog Bark Park, all nearby. Also really popular is the City owned state-of-the-art Jack Hammett “Farm” Sports Complex where the San Diego Chargers practice in the summer.  Two separate neighborhoods but similar demographics: almost all of them are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms ranch style single level houses.
    • Westside Costa Mesa:  There are several neighborhoods that comprise “Westside Costa Mesa” and most notably is the recent new construction that they’re building at a fast pace on Westside that’s blended in with the industrial area. It’s described by many as “up and coming” and many of the new construction projects are hip 3-story floorpans with rooftop decks. People like Westside for the opportunity to get in while it’s still under priced given it’s proximity to the beach. There’s still some 1950’s built track home neighborhoods like The Freedom Homes, as well as triplexes, apartments, industrial all blended in. Most notable businesses on Westside Costa Mesa are action sports companies in the surf-skate-wear industry, including Hurley , Volcom, RVCA, Rip Curl, and Vans (Van’s is actually over by South Coast Mall but still important to this list)
    • South Coast Metro: Housing tracts over by South Coast Plaza Mall just North of the 73 and 405 freeways. Easy access to Costa Mesa businesses, hotels, our John Wayne Airport, and more.
    • Halecrest and President Streets: These two neighborhoods are in Central Costa Mesa and are similar to College Park and Mesa del Mar in that we are seeing families go into the neighborhoods and start remodeling them as they were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

    Search all of Costa Mesa homes online here, and please reach out if I can answer any local area questions.