Tips to Help Plan your New Home Purchase

    If you are planning a future move, you are probably starting to compile a mental list of what you want in your new home.

    And while it’s unlikely you will find a home that is perfect in every way, it is important to find the “must have’s” that you need in order to make you truly happy in your purchase.

    Here are a few tips to begin your wish list:

    1) List everything you love and will miss about your current home, things that you would like to find in the next one.

    2) List your top 3 favorite locations, you can always expand in the future if needed.

    3) List the amenities and services you need close by. Lifestyle is often as important or for some, even more important than, the features of the home.

    4) List the “must have’s” that you absolutely cannot live without. In other words, if the home doesn’t have it you won’t consider it, so don’t even show it to you!

    5) Finally, list the “would love to have’s.” These are the special things that would be the icing on the cake of your wish list.

    Once you have your list together, contact me and I would be happy to help you refine your criteria and set up a search that will only send you properties that are a true match, saving you time and frustration.

    It is never too early to begin your research and take advantage of my free “plan your next move” consult and educational resources.

    To begin your search simply use my website, and feel free to call with any questions along the way!

    I look forward to being helpful!


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