Rebates for HVAC (heating and air)

    It’s time for me to upgrade my heating and air at my house, plus home inspections for clients often reveal the need for new heating and air systems. So I decided to hunt for any rebates to get the cost down since heating and air systems are pretty expensive and typically only have to replace them once every 25-35 years. I have to tell you these websites are mostly not user friendly and I spent a LOT of time to compile this info so I hope it helps save you some time and frustration too.

    So if you’re looking for rebates for HVAC systems you’ve come to the right place. Let me share with you what I found:


    ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps individuals (and businesses) save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.

    Energy Star has rebates for all things energy efficient including lighting, water heaters, appliances such as fridge, washer dryer, but for this blog post we’re looking specifically at their heating and air rebates:


    By the way, their website also says that as much as half of the energy used in your home going to heating and cooling, choosing ENERGY STAR certified heating and cooling equipment can have a big impact on your comfort, while helping you save money on utility bills and protect our climate.

    Their website also has a link to a directory listing the highest rated energy efficient machines:

    However truthfully, this website directory sucks. You have to know all sorts of things about the furnace (which means most of us don’t) to find a list of them and half of them on the list say they’re not even made anymore. How useful is that! Not to worry though, the Energy Star website also has a link to very user friendly product finder which I found quite helpful since it’s sorted by most energy efficient right up top of the page.

    One key tip: It’s nearly hidden but you’ll see a section on this “Product Finder” to enter your zip code. Based on your zip code, it will tell you the rebates available to you.

    Anyways here’s the short version of all of this:

    FURNACE – SoCal Gas is giving a $200 rebate for the furnace.

    I had a really rough time trying to find anything regarding the AC Unit Condenser. The website tries to take you to the database directory page which again is ultra user UNfriendly. So I jumped over to Lennox website and they have ads saying “rebates of up to $1700” so perhaps they know something more (or maybe they just use it as a sales tactic to get you to call them) because their’s no rebate info on their site other than the sales pitch of it. They do however claim to have the highest rated most efficient machine for 2019, The Lennox XC25. But still no talk of it’s eligibility for a rebate. 

    Then I jumped over to Edison’s website and they promote under their Rebates tab that they recommend you use their “Marketplace” which shows which products have a rebates. While I found Marketplace helpful in finding the right machine, how much money I’d save, and what stores I could buy it, I couldn’t figure out which ones had rebates or not.


    Conclusion – as for rebates, all I could find is $200 from the gas company, and $150 rebate for a smart thermostat. But from all the research I did, the real savings is in the new machines efficiency which saves money over time. If you have any thoughts to add to this blog post, I’d love for you to comment.



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