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    As a real estate agent, I’ve been especially focused on real estate investing and building wealth thru real estate. I’m constantly reading articles, books, podcasts, and more about real estate investing always learning and absorbing as much as I can. One of my favorites is The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show which is a real estate investing talk program for investors and has been broadcasting weekly on conventional radio since 1997.  The podcast version of the show is one of the most downloaded investing podcasts on iTunes. I wanted to share in case you’re looking for a good podcast to listen to.

    I’m giving them credit that I first learned about Opportunity Zones thru them so I’m putting some resources here for you to learn about them as well. If you’re looking to work with an Orange County real estate agent who understands opportunity zones, I’d welcome your call and opportunity to do business with you.

    Opportunity Zones Resources:


    California’s official page, with the interactive map showing our Disadvantaged Communities Mapping Tool.

    My recap of the benefits of investing in Opportunity Zones:

    Opportunity Zones offer huge tax benefits … four in particular.

    1. You can sell STOCKS and defer the capital gains tax by reinvesting it within 180 days into a qualified Opportunity Zone fund. You aren’t deferring the tax indefinitely like a 1031 … but you will get to defer for at least the next seven years … until December 31, 2026.
    2. The second benefit is that if you hold onto your new investment for a period of five years, you get a 10 percent discount on the capital gains you would have paid on the original investment.
    3. Benefit number three kicks in if you hold onto your investment for seven years. Now, you’ll qualify for a 15 percent discount on your capital gains.
    4. The biggest benefit of all … number four on our list … applies after holding your asset for a decade. After 10 years or more, the entire gain from your investment is tax free.

    It’s all about taking an appreciated asset, putting it into an Opportunity Zone fund, and not paying taxes right away.The longer you wait … the less tax you pay.

    If you’re an investor, or represent an opportunity fund, I’d be happy to help you find your next project. Here in Orange County, we have some opportunities in Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Fullerton, Buena Park and more. I’m particularly interested in the areas on the map near the new High Speed Rail stations. There’s also a pretty large zone in San Juan Capistrano that’s particularly interesting to me, and another one in San Clemente that has potential. Let’s talk! There’s more opportunities in Inland Empire that are appealing as well.

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