Help, I Need A Decorator!

    Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the project of redecorating an entire house, or even just a single room?  You might actually find you spend less and are happier with the outcome if you hire a decorator to assist you.

    Keep in mind that a pushy decorator can over influence your choices so that the space they decorate might end up in their taste and not yours.  Another negative might be that they press you to upgrade your budget and overspend on pricey pieces, pieces that you may end up feeling pressured to keep for decades rather than because you truly love them, due to the original cost.

    To avoid regrets when selecting a decorator to collaborate with, do some pre work to develop your vision. Magazines, Pinterest and Instagram are a great way to find inspiration for your dream home folder and will help to give the decorator a sense of your style. I’m also really enjoying the website

    Ask friends for recommendations and set a meeting to meet the designer you choose to review your ideas. The best decorators will be attentive to your tastes, but will not be afraid to offer suggestions and honesty if your ideas are a little off base.

    You will want to check their reviews, see pictures of their work, and ask for a clear and simple agreement of how you will work together.

    It’s not uncommon for a good decorator to charge $150.00 an hour for their time to meet with you and then hunt and gather for the project.  Some earn their money by buying at wholesale prices and selling it to you at retail and some may do both.

    Ask questions, get it in writing, hold them accountable, and track all they do to insure they don’t get carried away and stay on budget.

    One more key point to keep in mind, custom orders usually cannot be returned but for other items inquire about their policy for returns, just in case something shows up that you just can’t live with.

    Need more help? I’ll send you my top three favorite designers here in Orange County, CA

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